The Comfort and Control of the Nissan Navara

The Navara from Nissan is in a class of its own when it comes to comfort and style. Looking tough and sturdy on the outside the new Nissan Navara has all the modern interior comforts you would expect from an SUV as standard in this pickup class.

The double cab is capable of seating up to five people in comfort. The Navara oozes style throughout. It comes with leather upholstery, power seats and cruise control to make your driving experience the most pleasurable you can encounter autel ds808.

An onboard Birdview DVD satellite navigation system assists you to find the most economical route and the hardest to reach destinations with ease. Mounted on the dashboard near to the steering wheel, the system is easy to control and view without imposing a safety risk.

Nissan have used tough high tensile steel for their F-Alpha ladder chassis which provides extra durability without the weight. The Nissan Navara has a maximum payload of over 1 Launch CReader 7001,000kgs. Offering the opportunity to take your goods wherever they need to go with ease.

The endless disputes and disagreements of one person being too hot whilst the another is cold is swiftly settled with one of the newest innovations of dual zone climate control which has been included with the Navara. This enables the driver and front seat passenger to regulate their own temperature settings.

There is no lacking of inside storage space, Nissan have maximised the necessity of storage space which is easy to reach.

Safety features highly on this vehicle. The Nissan Navara has front and back crumple zones have been specifically designed to absorb energy in a crash. These help to protect the reinforced central zone and the occupants.

Both driver and front seat passenger airbags are included as standard with all the Navara models. Providing peace of mind that you and your front seat passenger are given some protection should you be involved in a front impact accident.

Side and curtain airbags are fitted as standard on the Adventura and optional on the Double cabs and Outlaw King. These additional airbags provide an extra safety barrier during side impact accidents for passengers and driver.

Additional protection to minimise injury from whiplash are provided in the sports models and above with the inclusion of active head restraints. These are adjustable the same as a standard head restraint. The additional protection comes from padded head restraint which is linked to the back of the seat with a pressure plate and pivot system. Studies carried out have shown that neck injuries are significantly reduced by active head restraints.

Anti Lock Braking System referred to simply as ABS is fitted to prevent the wheels from locking. This keeps you in control of the vehicle and reduces skidding should you need to brake hard. As braking hard usually increases the payload on the front brakes Nissan have incorporated Electronic Breakforce Distribution which balances the braking distribution of the front and back of the Navara, providing maximum breaking efficiency.

The Nissan Navara is a tough looking vehicle with all the creature comforts and safety features you would expect from Nissan.

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